13 3 / 2013

Beginning and end of hackweek in Sabah

13 3 / 2013

"I guess we were lucky" is a very optimistic mantra for a startup to have. Businesses, especially startups, should see positives in every opportunity and misfortune that comes their way. Such luck can make wondrous things happen.



28 2 / 2013

Interesting trip so far with one hackathon in Penang done and another week-long one coming up in Kota Kinabalu. Co-creating is exciting!

21 2 / 2013

Scalability is a process. 

07 2 / 2013

Just finished reading the Outliers. Splendid!

07 2 / 2013

Sometimes you have to trust the process more than the outcome

06 2 / 2013

A bit of a technical problem as I am not allowed to be in M’sia for more than 30 days. Looking for alternatives!

05 2 / 2013

This year we are turning into nomads and will be hacking away from some interesting places. Right now I am searching for a space in Malaysia North, preferably Penang, and then Kuala Lumpur. Any coworking spaces, hackathon events to suggest?

05 2 / 2013

It’s always a joy flying with Emirates. And this time I actually had a query and thought of looking it up on their website. The website lives up to the brand and delivers a quality experience in every regard! Airline websites are always overdone, too much of information, badly designed and overly complicated to use - in short a royal pain. Not with Emirates; this is one website that makes you browse for pleasure. Everything from bookings to information is easy, and the whole experience is without any confusion and jitters. So, well done to them and I wish more airlines put a thought into their online presence and brand as much as Emirates have.

04 2 / 2013

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